John Whittaker

When I need superscript, as in X squared, I find that adding <sup><sup>2</sup></sup> as inline markup after X works pretty well. Is there a more user-friendly way that I have not yet discovered, corresponding to Shift +1, +2 in Freeway?

Jeremy Hughes

Hi John,
Thanks for asking. This looks like an omission in Xway - you should be able to choose Superscript and Subscript from the Type popup in the Span menu. We’ll add this soon!

You shouldn't have to use double <sup> elements (as in Freeway), unless you are really superscripting a previous superscript. The correct way to do this (in a future version of Xway) would be to change the size of Superscript (<sup>) elements via a default style (similar to changing the size of "Small" spans in the Default Styles section of the Document/Page/Box Inspector).


John Whittaker

Many thanks Jeremy. Sounds good.