Adding PHP to X-way

Jeremy Hughes

Hi David,

There are two ways you can insert PHP:

  1. Use the Generic Markup section in the Page (or Document) Inspector to insert markup before/after <html></html><head></head><body></body> (same as Page Markup in Freeway).
  2. Use a Markup item. In contrast to Freeway, Xway markup items do not add any surrounding div or p elements — unless they are marked as Inline by selecting the Inline checkbox (inline markup items are embedded in a p element).

David Owen


Just revisiting the latest Beta for Freeway and having a look around to refresh myself.

Whats the plans to be able to insert php into X-way? Using Freeway7 I was totally reliant on Walters Crowbar Action to insert php without surrounding p tags or divs.

I can see that PHP could be inserted in extended values. But what about the on the page itself. What’s the plans if any for that?


David Owen