Embed YuoTube, Vimeo ect. responsive!

Sjef Broere

1. Select your video (youtube)
2. Go to "Share" and copy "iframe link" 
3. Go to https://embedresponsively.com
4. Follow instructions
5. In your Xway-document use the markup-tool
6. TaDa

Jeremy Hughes

Good tip!

In future, we plan to support YouTube videos (etc.) in a more direct way, but markup boxes are a good way to do that for now.


Geoff Mullett

Presumably linking to a YouTube video, either with the Link Inspector or embedding the link as suggested above, is a more efficient way of getting users to the video. I've tried the Insert Video tool and with a couple of 300mb files slotted into a web page, saving and previewing operations are significantly slowed down.

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Geoff,

Yes, that's a much better option for large videos!

We will introduce easier ways of doing this in a future version of Xway.