Page not refreshing

Geoff Mullett

I have a page on my website that contains rows of thumbnails in png format that each have a link to a separate gallery page. This morning, I added a new thumbnail and associated links, saved everything then previewed it in Xway. Everything fine. I published, then uploaded from the site folder, but when viewing in Chrome (and Firefox and Safari), I was presented with the original gallery page without the update.
I've re-saved and re-published several times, I've duplicated the image and uploaded the page again, I've duplicated the page and uploaded both (gallery.html and gallery2.html), I've restarted the Mac, I've deleted the gallery page from the FTP list forcing a new one to upload. Nothing!
I've run out of ideas, any thoughts? Screenshot of the Xway preview page attached so you can see what should be there.

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