Re: X-Way web site does not appear in Google


Those suggestions are very good ones, but really, what you're hoping for is just not going to happen. I'm going to be the bearer of bad news I'm afraid...

Google (and other search engines) index the readable text in a site and rank it according to a host of different criteria. But the bottom line is a site will only be returned in search results if the search engine things it is a very good 'fit' for what has been searched for. The word 'love' is so ubiquitous and generic that a search for it returns literally 8.6 billion results. You could inch your site up the results list a bit if you worked really hard on the above suggestions and in particular concentrated on making sure you have a good amount of relevant text – in English, if you're hoping for results in English-language searches – for the search engine(s) to index. But aiming to be found for such a generic single word is, I'm afraid, unrealistic.

You should reassess your aims. There are rather a lot of different reasons someone might include the word 'love' in their search term, almost all of which wouldn't be relevant. Try this very basic thing: type "love" into the Google search field and look at what the auto-completion suggestions are. These will vary from person to person as Google will try to tailor itself to your general interests, but here's what I get:

  • Love Island
  • love island 2021
  • love island twitter
  • love holidays
  • love island news
  • Love and Monsters
  • love island cast amor
  • love island 2021 cast
  • Love Your Garden
  • love island postcard
Personally I detest the TV show Love Island; I'd honestly rather watch a blank wall. But it's clearly very popular; it appears in suggestions even though I have never in my life expressed any interest in it (and haven't even typed the name online until now). But the real point is that the ONLY way you can hope to do well in searches is to understand the things your actual target audience are likely to search for and then make sure your pages are absolutely full of well-crafted, human and machine-readable text that is relevant and authoritative in that area. Then Google (etc.) will be more likely to suggest your site when someone makes such a search. Unfortunately, having content that is mostly in Ancient Slavonic will do the very opposite.


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