Re: X-Way web site does not appear in Google


I found Google instantly on first position searches my web site by word Ⰾ̑ⰣⰁⰑⰂ̑Ⱐ̑ which is title description of first page.
How ever not all people might know Antient Slavonic language to propertly write that down in Google search engine.
So i want to make Google to look for word "love" so it redirects to my web site 
How ever i do not want to to use any modern languages on my web site ibecause i do not want to ruin mistical the spirit of my web site.

So the question is: how ask Google to make it show my web site by word"love" while title description of my web site will stays "Ⰾ̑ⰣⰁⰑⰂ̑Ⱐ̑" ? 

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