Re: X-Way web site does not appear in Google

Jeremy Hughes


The title of a page is one of the things that search engines use in deciding on the page's relevance. It's possible that you are confusing them by using Ancient Slavonic. Perhaps it would help to add a Russian translation.

You can change the language of your page to Russian (if appropriate) using the Language popup in the Document (or Page) Inspector.

You have a meta tag named "true-love-". This won't be recognised by search engines (it's not a recognised name). You should rename it to "description": in Xway, double-click on "true-love-" in the Meta Tags section of the Document (or Page) Inspector and change it to "description" (without quotes).

It might also help if you added some text information about your website on the home page. But don't use hidden text (e.g. black on black) - search engines tend to penalise sites that do this.


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