Re: Disappearing app


Hi Jeremy 

The "find by name" was the first thing I did. Not there. I’ve never had this problem with another app.

I’ve now ditched Xway but good luck in your venture. Softpress Freeway was a good app.


On 14 Jul 2021, at 20:22, Jeremy Hughes <jeremy@...> wrote:

Hi William,

That sounds very strange, but it seems more like a Finder issue than an Xway issue - especially if you haven't actually run Xway yet.

If you're getting a duplicate item warning when you try to copy it a second time, Xway must already be in the Applications folder.

What you could do is to choose "Sort by Name" from the Finder's View menu, and then look through your applications in alphabetical order (near the end if you don't reverse the order).


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