Evenly distribute boxes across a page

Fred Kotler

I have gone through the Xway tutorial and attempted to recreate an existing Freeway site. In general the process was straightforward and the results satisfactory. But one feature of my Freeway site that I could not reproduce was a row of five graphic boxes each containing text and each linked to a different page in the site. I recognize that Xway does not support empty graphic boxes but the larger problem is that I want the boxes spread evenly across the page. Short of creating graphics in a separate program, how can this be accomplished?

Subsequently I found a message on this site “Flex Box Tips” which seemed to be a solution to my problem. Following the instructions, on a blank page, I was able to create boxes that spread evenly across the page but this only worked when the items were directly below the pagediv at the top of the page.

I could not get this to work when I wanted the boxes lower down on the page. Basically I could not create a container box that then had multiple daughter boxes. Is this possible? Will this be possible in a future version of Xway?

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