Re: creating a basic column layout

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Heather,

I realise there's still a lot Xway doesn't do, but it's very capable so far. Well done! Where Freeway's USP was hiding the underlying code, Xway has to reveal the inner workings. I am in two minds over this, but I suspect it can only be a Good Thing in the long run. Incidentally, being able to see the code within the program is nice. Are there plans to allow the user to edit the code directly, feeding back to the WYSIWYG style layout?
Xway's document model is closer to HTML/CSS than Freeway's, but features such as Extended Attributes and Extended Properties were also in Freeway (slightly hidden within a modal dialog). We added them to Xway at an early stage so that people can use them for features that aren't yet supported directly (e.g. floats and flexbox). The HTML view is there for people who are curious or who find it useful, but it's not an essential feature. It's possible we might allow some form of code editing in future, but that's likely to be some way off.

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