Re: creating a basic column layout


Hi Jeremy!

I've been lurking for a while, but only decided to give the latest beta a run this week. I don't get to spend a lot of time at the computer desk, being much more hands on at the workbench now.

I have been considering the layout of the site, and take on board what you say. I like the columns as a way to get a fair amount of info visible in one page, but accept it doesn't work well on phones. I shall have to have a think about how to present the info better in a single column format.

I realise there's still a lot Xway doesn't do, but it's very capable so far. Well done! Where Freeway's USP was hiding the underlying code, Xway has to reveal the inner workings. I am in two minds over this, but I suspect it can only be a Good Thing in the long run. Incidentally, being able to see the code within the program is nice. Are there plans to allow the user to edit the code directly, feeding back to the WYSIWYG style layout?

I'm still getting my head around the umpteen different ways to interact with objects, so I'll have a go at the extended properties thing in a minute. Ta.

I found a reference to the CSS flexbox and had look. It would do what I want, I think, but I'm afraid I couldn't actually see how to apply it to Xway. One day, perhaps.



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