creating a basic column layout


Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I raised my head above the parapet, and haven't things changed!

I've had a complete change of career, no longer dealing with design much at all. Nearly a decade ago, amid the financial crash and all that stuff, freelance work ran out. Thrashing around for anything I could do to earn a bit of cash, a hobby got turned into a business. I now build scale model railway stuff for commissioned work. While I'll never be rich, I have some great clients, and have worked on some interesting projects. 

Now, obviously, I created my web site using Freeway. I still manage to maintain it with small updates, and it does me well enough. I am aware that the web world has moved on, quite a long way, and I'm being left in the weeds. Freeway is going to go away eventually, and so I've started to try and come to terms with Xway, purely as an amateur and hobbyist web designer. On the whole, I like it, but...

It ain't Freeway. I'm having to learn new things that my old brain can't quite grasp, and it's frustrating and annoying and ... I wish I was ten years younger!

Anyway, I am trying to recreate my current Freeway web site in Xway. I realise it can't be recreated exactly, and I am happy to redesign accordingly, but I like the way my current site looks and I want to try to match it if I can. You can have a look at the site here:

It's a fairly simple multi-column layout, made with inflow boxes. In the old skool Freeway method draw an HTML box, click to get the text insertion bar, and insert two more HTML boxes in the text flow. They can then be made to float left and right, with margins to keep them spaced nicely. How do I do that in Xway? It should be simple, right?

I've tried, but I simply can't get the right hand box to float alongside the left hand box. It insists on floating to the right, but below the left box - the next "line" down, if you like. I've tried everything I can think of that doesn't involve getting the spanners out and hand-coding to get the darned right hand box to float alongside its friend. Nothing works. Any ideas?

(I even actively considered hand-coding the page at one point. I know. I don't DO code! That's why I was a Freeway user. But it's a measure of how frustrated I was getting!)

Anyway, if there is a way to do what I want, please let me know in plain language. If it's not currently possible with Xway in an idiot-proof way, then I will have to accept the site redesign will need reconsidering more fully.



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