Re: Import a Freeway web site into Xway

Harold Appel

Jeremy, I became a refugee from Freeway when it seemed it was gone forever and subsequently re-created my sites using Rapidweaver. Besides that application being a drain on my bank account, I find it awkward and difficult to use and now a new version of Foundation requires learning it all over again. After using the Xway tutorial I find it so much more pleasant to use and look forward to transitioning back. I understand your suggestion about recreating the site in X-way using what's in a browser window of the old site would be the same for any site, no matter how it was created, right? I might go ahead and try that. I wonder, though,if there are there any plans for importing a site's files directly, say, by downloading them from the server (I think some use an application called sitesucker for this) and then importing into X-way? Thanks for all the work and care that is going into this application.
Harold Appel
New York City
MacOSĀ 10.15.7 (19H1030)
iMac (27-inch, Late 2012)

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