Re: Xway feedback

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Carla,

what will be the process for the Media folders/backups etc for Xway. projects.?
That’s a good question, and the answer is that Xway automates this process.

Whenever you import a graphic (or other resource) Xway copies it into a Resources folder that is inside the document package. An Xway document looks like a file, but it is actually a package that contains files and folders (similar to application packages, which also look like files). In addition to the Resources folder, an Xway document also contains a Site folder.

What this means is that you can import a graphic (or other resource) from anywhere you like and it will always be available to the document. If the original graphic/resource is available, Xway will use that, but if it isn’t, it will use the internal copy.

If you delete a graphic from a document, and it is no longer used anywhere within the document (or in the document’s undo stack), the graphic will be deleted from the document’s internal folder - so the document isn’t larger than it needs to be. So it’s a good idea to keep the original graphic in case you need to reimport it, and it’s not a bad idea to organise your original graphics in an external Media folder. But you don’t need to do this.

As for backups, Xway doesn’t make backup files in the same way that Freeway did - but like other modern Mac programs it saves document versions. Whenever you manually save a document, a version of the document is created - and you can revert to that version by choosing Revert from the File menu. Also, as is the case with other modern programs, Xway documents are saved automatically at regular intervals.


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