Re: Forum hacked?

Simon Manning

Hi Grant,

Because of the nature of as a mailing list, any members who receive the messages via email can see the email address of the sender. As such, if the email account of any member is compromised, the email addresses of other members could be retrieved from past emails.

More likely, an account has probably registered on the group for the sole purpose of receiving emails and obtaining the email addresses from them when people post messages.


On Wed, 7 Apr 2021 at 17:14, grantsymon <xway@...> wrote:

I think the forum's address/database has been hacked.

I use unique email addresses for absolutely everything (a years long battle against spam... which I won!) and I've just received a malware email to my xway forum email address, so it can only have come from this group.  According to the malware, I've been visiting porn sites.  Well... doesn't everyone?

Not a problem for me, as I can change my email in 30secs and never hear from 'Herbert' again.


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