Re: Import a Freeway web site into Xway

Geoff Mullett

On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 05:07 PM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
Hi Jeremy. In your  reply regarding importing Freeway to Xway, you say you can import text by copying and pasting it. I'm trying to recreate an existing Freeway site in Xway and I would prefer to copy the blocks of text rather than re-type it all. Is there some hidden formatting that is preventing me changing the alignment of paragraphs within the same box? When I paste, all the text aligns left, but when I select one line to be centred, all the paragraphs move. If I select a line and change the paragraph type to a heading, again all the paragraphs change to the same heading.
When I've been creating other sites from scratch and typing in new text, everything works fine. I've spent many hours looking at this and reading through the user guide and can't work out where the problem lies.

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