Re: Video tutorials please

Peter A-B

I teach people to drive. Throughout the teaching profession, whether in my job or classroom teaching, students learn differently. Some may have heard to the V.A.R.K. acronym.

V visual learning
A audio learning
R reading learning
K kinetic learning

You can mix and match or take each heading separately.  We all learn differently:
 one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

On 15 Mar 2021, at 11:38, ThatKeith via <Thatkeith@...> wrote:

The reference manual for looking up specifics should be the number 1 priority. (Not suggestion it isn't, just noting what's the most critically important.)

When it comes to video tutorials almost every single one takes FAR too long to get to the point. Even if they don't, it's usually a few minutes of something that I could have learned from 20 seconds of reading. Not always but usually.

I use a 360 tour building tool that has no reference manual or even near equivalent. Instead the company has put a lot of time and effort into creating loads of video 'tutorials'. These are, frankly, only one step shy of utterly useless. If they were teamed up with a regular reference manual they'd be fine, but on their own? I know for documented fact that this has and is causing them lost sales. If just one method is used for helping users use software it should NEVER be videos only.

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