Re: Video tutorials please


I hate tutorials full-stop!

Video are really annoying, because they're so slow to get to the point.  Written are annoying, because they're often arcane and poorly written.  Of course, we've learned to zap through video and to skim-read written, although often in the end... it would have been faster just to work through the process whilst only quietly muttering complaints to ourselves, under our breath.

My personal view of the XWay tutorial, is that following it step-by-step, is actually a very efficient way to learn the basics.  The only video tutorials I've ever just sat through without complaining (to myself) are from Affinity Photo.  They've put a lot of effort into them though and it shows.

I like the Mac's iWork UI, which XWay employs, especially that the depth can be hidden until needed.  Sort of the diametric opposite of the Microsoft approach, which visually, is sort of like trying to unravel linguini.  My wife has used for Word for 25 years and every time I look at it, I feel like I'm being punished.

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