Re: Video tutorials please

Daniel Brown

The only way I’ve been able to make sense of Xway is by opening their Ambient Light Xway document and deconstructing it.  Yes, video tutorials would be nice but you can learn quite a bit by studying the Ambient Light doc.  They may have held off making videos, partly for time’s sake, but also because this is not the final version of Xway.

Dan Brown

On Mar 13, 2021, at 10:04 PM, Robert Mitton <web@...> wrote:

Trying to wrap my extremely dyslexic mind around Xway. If I can see how to do something rather than trying to figure out something by reading text (which is a bummer way to do things) it would be a great way to learn how to use this Freeway Pro “replacement”. 
I have a bad feeling that Xway is not going to be as intuitive, or as visually easy to understand as Freeway was for me. 
I know I need a modern replacement for my trusty Freeway Pro 7, but I don’t want to be tearing my quite long hair out by the roots while trying to figure this all out. Will you all please be making some tutorial videos, asap?
Thanks a million,


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