Re: When quitting Xway there doesn't appear to be any prompts to save or discard work.


Good morning to you, from a warm sofa in Normandy... (will we really hit 19°c this weekend?)

You're in luck.  Built-in to Mac apps, using the iWork like features as XWay does, is an incredibly handy, app specific, Time Machine.

If you go to the File Menu and choose 'Revert To', you will be able to choose from any of your previously saved versions.  So when working, if you are at a stage that you think you may want to revert to later on, just hit Cmd-S and carry on working.  If you note the time, then you will easily be able to revert to that version at a later stage... or if you prefer, keep your current version + the older one.

Here's a support doc, for how it works in Pages:

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