When quitting Xway there doesn't appear to be any prompts to save or discard work.

Peter A-B

Good morning from a dismal, flooded, back garden in the UK.

This may have been broached before but I am surprised that, when quitting the Xway programme either by accidentally clicking on the red spot top left or just clicking quit, that any changes to the files being worked on is automatically saved and the history of changes lost.

There are times when what one is trying to achieve is not delivering a successful conclusion.  Then, quitting the programme with the option of not saving changes is preferable.  Is there an option to switch this on or has it been deemed unnecessary, for what ever reason, to implement this?

I am enjoying working through the intricacies of Xway, compared to other Website Design Programmes, to eventually get to the finished item.  Lockdown over here in the UK (not allowed to give Driving Tuition at present) is offering a superb opportunity to get stuck in and work for hours at a time on development but with a slight lapse of concentration I would like the reminder on screen to let me know that by continuing will mean all changes will be lost or vice versa, automatically saved.

Peter A-B.

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