Re: Text over inserted images

Peter A-B

Thanks Keith.  Still on the learning curve.  I’ll stick a post-it on my screen to remind me it’s Beta Mode!!!

Appreciate the help.


On 12 Feb 2021, at 15:54, ThatKeith via <Thatkeith@...> wrote:

Hi Peter – Xway doesn't currently support line breaks; it only generates full paragraph breaks. This will come of course, but we're still in beta world. You can get what you want relatively simply, albeit with a bit of clutter: click in your text where you want the line break, and instead of typing Return, choose Insert > Markup. In the sheet that drops down, do these two things:

  • Type "<br />" (without the quotes)
  • Click the 'Inline' checkbox (so Xway knows this snippet of markup code is to be used inline within a run of text)

The problem you will have now is that the line in your Xway editing view WON'T be broken at all while the generated code as shown in Xway's preview or in a browser WILL have the desired line break. Not ideal, but keep reminding yourself that this is a temporary situation. :)


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