Re: Import a Freeway web site into Xway

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Mike,

The first thing you should do is to work through the tutorial that is on our website:

There is a link near bottom of the page. You can also get here by selecting “Xway Resources” from Xway’s Help menu.

We designed Xway to be familiar to Freeway users, but there are some important differences. Xway is designed to create modern flexible websites that work on different devices  (desktops, tablets, phones) — something that is more difficult to do in Freeway — and it doesn’t use table layouts (which were deprecated a long time ago). This means it is helpful to use a different design approach. The tutorial on our website goes through the steps of creating a simple website in Xway.

Once you have worked through the tutorial, you should be able to create a new version of your own website, using the same tools. You can import text by copying and pasting it from a browser, and you can do the same with images and other resources.

There are some features that haven’t yet been added to Xway. We don’t yet have support for master pages, or tables, or forms. We’re also planning to add an option to read existing Freeway documents, after we’ve added other features that Freeway import depends on.


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