Xway b3 is here!

Jeremy Hughes

We have just released Xway b3, the latest version of our next-generation program for visual web design.

You can download it from our web site: https://www.softpress.com/xway/

Xway includes a detailed reference manual, which you can access by choosing “Xway User Guide” from the Help menu. This also includes an appendix with a list of new features and cross-references to documentation in the user guide — this is a good place to start if you're upgrading from b2. If you're new to Xway, a good place to start is the introduction to the user guide, and the Xway tutorial (see below).

There is also a step-by-step tutorial and two sample documents, which are available from our website (click on “Xway Resources” in the Help menu). We revised the tutorial for b3.

New features in Xway b3:

  • Components (Exhibeo galleries or other content)
  • Pages and folders can be copied and pasted
  • Boxes can be copied and pasted
  • Text can be copied and pasted
  • Folders (and their contents) can be duplicated
  • Favicons
  • Web view
  • HTML view
  • Absolute boxes can be duplicated by Option-dragging
  • The content of markup items can be taken from an external text file
  • Cookies can be disabled for YouTube videos
  • Flow Root checkbox for container boxes
  • Extended attribute/property names and meta tag names can be edited
  • The Site panel can be hidden or shown
  • The Inspector panel can be hidden or shown
  • The way that h1, figure, and link elements are styled within Xway matches the way that they are styled in browsers
  • Auto punctuation (replacing double space with “. ”) is disabled in markup fields
  • Hex values that are preceded by # can be pasted into hex color fields
  • Improvements to YouTube and Vimeo iframe previews
  • Iframes have a default content size of 300x150 (as in browsers)

Bug fixes, including:

  • + and − buttons are visible in macOS 11 (Big Sur)

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