Re: GDPR Cookie Management

Simon Manning

Hi Richard,

I haven't looked into exactly how these things interact but do you primarily want this for third party marketing cookies, e.g. Facebook or Google ads?

From the perspective of managing it in Xway, this could potentially become part of Xway's version of Actions. For instance, a Facebook ad component might specify that it uses cookies and define how they should be dealt with. A Google ad component, or anything else of any nature, would do the same and during publish, Xway could use this collective information to add cookie acceptance to the page(s). (If enabled)

Beyond that, I'm not sure how useful cookie management within Xway would be. Accepting or declining any particular cookies probably requires some technical understanding of the cookies, how they're used and the software (e.g. Wordpress, Google Ads, etc.) using them. This could make for a very complex feature (both in Xway code and user interface) that would be difficult to document and support.

I imagine most Xway sites, outside of those using things like third party marketing, won't be using cookies and so won't require any message for visitors.

Are there any other things you have in mind for cookie usage?


On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 4:54 PM Richard Cacciato <rcacciato@...> wrote:
Hi Jeremy, a suggestion: could you "bake in" something that would enable us easily to add the whole "accept cookies" process and manage it in an Xway site? I haven't seen any mention of anything like this and it would be on my wish list. Thanks.

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