Re: Xway & Transmit

David Ledger

On 2020-08-21 15:46, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
Jeremy, I'd be careful about that method because of the chance of the data becoming stale. Sounds like a useful short-term work-around, but it's going to need a lot of care in documenting and support while it's in use. At the very least, a Mail macro to answer the inevitable "why isn't my site updating" questions.
If the Xway 'Export' were a link rather than a copy that wouldn't happen. Maybe 'Export' isn't the right word either - 'Save Pointer'? 'Save Alias' would imply an Apple Alias, 'Save Link' could be confused with an HTML link ...


On Aug 21, 2020, at 10:45 AM, sethr via <> wrote:

The terminal link worked! A bit of a run around but at least there is a way. I would think that the ability to "export site folder" would be more helpful. Thanks Jeremy!

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