Re: Boxes inside boxes (FW - Float Left)

jay farber


I did as described and now have 3 boxes to apply Images.
But, I need to add text below each box. ( I see how to add text internally)

I noticed Code for doing vertical text layout on

But I still can't figure out how to translate those instructions
To the extended attributes fields in Xway.

Sorry to have to keep inquiring, but I’m in over my head so far.

There are seemingly only a few steps in building my fairly basic websites,
that leave me clueless so far.

Much appreciated.


On Aug 12, 2020, at 11:13 AM, jay farber via <> wrote:

Seriously… THANK YOU!
I really can't wait for Xway to be a full fledged app.

Trying to produce two replacement websites that I originally built in Freeway,
Is kinking my butt.

I need a decent WYSIWG product that offers the ability to setup custom attributes,
If they are needed, without having to research hand coding to complete the task.

I’m not that smart!

If I where, I would do all this in BBEdit.

Be safe.


On Aug 12, 2020, at 9:29 AM, ThatKeith via <> wrote:

Hi Jay,

Here are some steps:

• Start by creating your parent box, then add the child boxes in that.
• Give the child boxes widths that would allow them to fit beside each other – they will start off full width. They won't actually BE beside each other but make sure there's room.
• Give each one of these its own background fill colour so you can easily see which is which.
• Then select the parent and go to the Extended Properties pane. (NOT the Extended Attributes pane!) Give it these two extended properties:

• NAME: display VALUE: flex
• NAME: flex-flow VALUE: row wrap
Preview and try resizing the browser window to see how things adjust. Basically, the parent container tells its children how to behave. ;) You don't need to use code or properties to create the children OR tell them directly how to behave. There are quite a few other options you can play with but this should get you started.


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