Re: Boxes inside boxes (FW - Float Left)

jay farber

Seriously… THANK YOU!
I really can't wait for Xway to be a full fledged app.

Trying to produce two replacement websites that I originally built in Freeway,
Is kinking my butt.

I need a decent WYSIWG product that offers the ability to setup custom attributes,
If they are needed, without having to research hand coding to complete the task.

I’m not that smart!

If I where, I would do all this in BBEdit.

Be safe.


On Aug 12, 2020, at 9:29 AM, ThatKeith via <> wrote:

Hi Jay,

Here are some steps:

• Start by creating your parent box, then add the child boxes in that.
• Give the child boxes widths that would allow them to fit beside each other – they will start off full width. They won't actually BE beside each other but make sure there's room.
• Give each one of these its own background fill colour so you can easily see which is which.
• Then select the parent and go to the Extended Properties pane. (NOT the Extended Attributes pane!) Give it these two extended properties:

• NAME: display VALUE: flex
• NAME: flex-flow VALUE: row wrap
Preview and try resizing the browser window to see how things adjust. Basically, the parent container tells its children how to behave. ;) You don't need to use code or properties to create the children OR tell them directly how to behave. There are quite a few other options you can play with but this should get you started.


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