Re: Trying to use Exhibeo to create gallery pages - almost there?

Neale Rowlands

QuarkXpress is supposed to convert legacy InDesign files. However I’m still in contact with Quark’s support team as it is not converting my CS5 files.

Worth looking into, as you can get a trial version to see if it works for you.

Neale Rowlands

On Jul 27, 2020, at 7:08 AM, grantsymon <xway@...> wrote:

My time span with Adobe's is similar to yours Nick.  I actually have a boxed copy of Photoshop vs 1.0  sitting on the bookshelf in my studio.  I believe it may have been the first copy ever sold in London, as there were only two places you could buy it at the time and they had to pre-order it for me (to go along with my £6,000 Mac, which I bought specifically to use Photoshop).  I largely dumped Adobe in the mid 90s when Live Picture appeared and could be used for compositing actual professional work (~300Mb files) but continued to use Photoshop as a 'toolbox' for a number of things.  Their 'buy and kill' strategy also annoyed me a lot, because they were killing innovation and also their general sloppiness regarding quality just wore me down.  Another spew of 'critical' security alerts in their products this week.  I agree with Steve Jobs really.

Much like XWay, Affinity products don't have old code in them and as an interesting teaser, I have an iPad Pro and it runs some aspects of Affinity incredibly fast.  As Apple have now announced that they are moving Macs to ARM to accompany iOS devices, this is going to give a lot of apps a significant bump.  That said though, I do miss the astonishing speed of Live Picture's extraordinary vector based system, compared to everyone else's number crunching pixel based systems.

Gordon ... there is a very active online community for the Affinity range.  Searching within it will quite easily find answers to most of your questions about coming from Adobe products,  because loads of Adobe users have already asked the same questions.

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