Trying to use Exhibeo to create gallery pages - almost there?

Art Liestman

My only experience with website building is having used Freeway for many years to create and maintain my own website.  I am trying to make a replacement website using Xway.  I have the basic framework of the site set up and working well - about 6 pages so far. 


I now need to create a few gallery pages to display my artwork.  Each of these pages would contain 10 or 20 images with captions.  This seemed to be difficult with Xway, so I am trying to use Exhibeo to create the content of the pages and then use Iframes to include those images in the individual gallery pages as was suggested in another thread here.  


I have created one such gallery with Exhibeo, but so far I am unable to get it to appear when I do a preview of the Xway page.  Hopefully there is an easy fix.  Can anyone advise me?


In more detail, here’s what I’ve done:


1. I created a sample gallery page in Exhibeo and exported it as HTML.  That produced a folder containing four  folders labelled css, image, js, and theme plus two files: ExhibeoExport.html and index.html.


2. When I click on the index.html file, the appropriate stuff appears in my browser window.


3. Clicking on ExhibeoExport.html, I get the following instructions followed by a window containing html code.


Add Exhibeo to your site

Copy the code by clicking the Copy to clipboard button below.
Paste the code in your <body> tag where you’d like it to appear.
Upload the css, js, image, and theme folders to your server next to the page containing the code.

Copy to clipboard                    Preview


4.  Presumably, this cut and paste is to be done if you are coding in html or using this with Freeway (somehow).


5. On page 87 of the Xway user guide, it explains that Iframes can point to URLs. 


6.  I uploaded the three Exhibeo folders and two files and then added the URL of the index.html file in the Xway Iframe.


7. When I try to preview the gallery page in Xway, I don’t get the Exhibeo generated gallery - just a blank space that is roughly the size of the Iframe box.



So, do I need to do something with this cut and paste?  If so, can you tell me where to put it?  If not, what else should I be trying?  

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