Re: Vanishing social media Link Buttons.

jay farber

Thanks for the pointer.
I looked at resource view and they are missing there as well.

Not sure how I managed to blow them up.

Yes, it does seem if I delete the preceding link from the preceding button, I can place and set the next one.

For someone like me, (minimum of sites built) that clarification is what I needed to move forward.


Be Safe


On Jul 20, 2020, at 10:10 AM, Jeremy Hughes <> wrote:

Hi Jay,

I don’t know that the link behaviour is a bug, but I agree that it is slightly confusing.

Suppose you have a page with the words “Hello world” and you add a link to “world”. Then you type an “s" on the end of “world” so that it says “Hello worlds”. In this case the link that you applied to “world” will also apply to the “s” (by default) — Xway (like Freeway) assumes that if you are typing on to the end of a link (or within a link) you also want the link to apply to what you are typing.

In this case, you aren’t typing — but you are adding an image directly after another image. Xway makes it seem as if the link is added to the image, but really it’s added around the image in the same way that it’s added around text. We could special-case images so this doesn’t happen, and we might think about doing that in future, but the current behaviour happens because Xway doesn’t consider links around images to be different from links around text.

So at this point you have two images within the same link. There isn’t an easy way to move an image so that it’s outside the link (if the image is the last item within a paragraph), so the simplest thing is to remove the link and then reapply separate links to the two images.

As for why some images aren’t in the Site folder, I don’t have an explanation for this (it's not something that has ever happened to me). Normally, you should be able to fix this by republishing, but the fact that that you are seeing question marks within Xway indicates that the images are also missing from the Resources folder that is within the document, and that the original images that you imported are also missing. What do you see if you switch to the Resources view within Xway? Are the images listed there? Is their status “OK” or “Missing”?


On 18 Jul 2020, at 17:02, jay farber via <> wrote:

[Edited Message Follows]

I followed the tutorial technique for creating footer buttons links.

All seemed good for awhile, but I went back to add another link to the row.
Upon doing so, the behavior changed, it picked up the previous link Information from the prior button.

Working off the assumption I was missing something, I created a new document using the tutorial set of link buttons.
They behaved the same, with error.

Created 5 buttons,
clicked out of the enclosing box.
Next clicked back in,
highlighted the last button,
clicked right arrow,
clicked insert pict box,
selected a pict and returned to place.

Clicked the link creation button.

Found the problem again which was:
it brought the prior link into the new button so they are tied. ( here is where I think I am missing something, since I can't figure out why it is carried to the button)
I found if I remove the link and say none, I can then add a new link to the new button.
When I previewed at this point, all of the first 5 buttons that had been working did not preview, just the last one created appears.(first 5 don't exist except the spacing)
I saved and restarted Xway.
Upon reopening the 5 buttons have question marks and the last one is still showing. Attempted preview again for giggles and it displayed the same. All 5 buttons missing, (first 5 don't exist except the spacing) 6th button showing and functional.


What am I missing?


Follow up:
I just looked in the site folder within the package file and it appears all of my picts from the buttons except the last one are gone. So, the picts deleted and the links are gone but the place holders for where the picts in the html still exist.

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