Adding Link to text span causes crash

Art Liestman

I'm trying to create a new website to replace my old one (done in Freeway).  So far, I've managed to get several pages that seem to preview cleanly.  I want to create links from these pages to others by adding links to text.  It seems to work fine when the links are external, but I want to link to other pages that I'm creating.  My first attempt today has gone badly.  I've tried adding a link pointing to a new page to text on one of the pages that seem to work, but every time (7 tries so far) that I try to select the name of the page that I want to link to, XWay crashes.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  As I said, it works fine to add external links, but it doesn't seem to want to link to a page.   I saved the last log when it crashed.  If you want to look at that, tell me how to send it to you.

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