Re: Thanks for Xway, so far it seems easier to me than Freeway was,

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Jay,

1) Can I copy elements from one Website(document) to another ? Such as a Button like Facebook navigation button?
You can paste plain text and images into Xway. That allows you to paste text from a Freeway document. I don't think it's possible to paste images from Freeway into Xway (or into any other program, as far as I can see), but you can copy/paste images from a web browser, or you can reimport the original images.

2) Will I be able to use the site I build in the beta with the Retail version moving forward?
Yes. Newer versions of Xway can open documents from older versions.

3) Can I add a blog hosted somewhere else? And is that a copy and past of referring code to the location of the blog?
I think you could use an iframe to do this. Xway also allows you to add code directly, through markup items and other forms of markup - similar to Freeway, but with a few more options.

A good place to start is by working through the step-by-step tutorial (if you haven't done so already).


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