Re: Thanks for Xway, so far it seems easier to me than Freeway was,

jay farber

Thanks I will give it a go.
Be Safe

On Jun 28, 2020, at 8:55 AM, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:

I can't answer your other questions, but this one is straightforward:

On Jun 27, 2020, at 4:13 PM, jay farber via <> wrote:

Also from the "novice I'm trying to learn perspective":
If I have a current godaddy site built or Freeway build but hosted on godaddy, can I add new pages created in Xway to the Godaddy hosted sites?
I get there needs to be navigation pointed from the original build to the new pages, but can I ftp a page into godaddy folders and just add a link from within the Godaddy freeway side to connect them?

What I would do is create a directory (folder) on your server where your new Xway site can live, and then in Freeway, link into that folder to connect the two. Use Transmit or Fetch to upload the Xway site contents into that folder on your host.

In Xway (as in Freeway) the first page you create in a site or subfolder within a site will be named index.html. Take advantage of that by creating your link in Freeway to `/folder_name` (whatever you called it). In Xway, create your link back to the main site by using the special URL `../`. Both of these URLs get created manually, using the Edit / Hyperlink dialog in Freeway and the Text / Link dialog in Xway. Use the External option in either.

By creating the links in this manner (relative addresses) you take away any of the complexity, and don't have to worry about what happens if your Xway micro-site changes in any way. Presumably it will always have a "home" page that will display when the folder name is entered into a URL.

(Obligatory style note: if you are reading this message in Mail, the "back-tick" characters I typed above are there to provide Markdown syntax highlighting to the links. They are not part of the link itself.)

Hope this helps,


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