Thanks for Xway, so far it seems easier to me than Freeway was,

jay farber

I'm not a pro building websites. I did two from Freeway and backed off.
It's time for me to rework both of them and I would like to use Xway.

Awaiting the import feature. But in the meantime I would like to recreate them from scratch.
1) Can I copy elements from one Website(document) to another ? Such as a Button like Facebook navigation button?
2) Will I be able to use the site I build in the beta with the Retail version moving forward?
3) Can I add a blog hosted somewhere else? And is that a copy and past of referring code to the location of the blog?

Also from the "novice I'm trying to learn perspective":
If I have a current godaddy site built or Freeway build but hosted on godaddy, can I add new pages created in Xway to the Godaddy hosted sites?
I get there needs to be navigation pointed from the original build to the new pages, but can I ftp a page into godaddy folders and just add a link from within the Godaddy freeway side to connect them?
Thanks to all 

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