How are people getting on with Xway?


I'm curious about how people are finding using Xway. Any sites or sections of sites to show and talk about?

I know what we're using now is a feature-incomplete beta, but after putting some time into trying it out properly I'm starting to REALLY like it! I found it really helped to have a specific site project to try and build rather than just poking around to see how things worked. (I know this from design and production teaching too; my students always benefit from planning and attempting to achieve a specific outcome rather than just testing some features or even going through a generic tutorial.)

I rebuilt my panorama site with Xway, and through doing it I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am really looking forward to using the finished version, whenever that might come!

So go on, let's show stuff and see if we can pick up tips from each other. :)


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