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Walter Lee Davis

I don't speak for the company, but based on my decades of experience with Freeway, I would say no, not now at least. Xway follows in Freeway's footsteps as a static HTML generator, and it does not have any associations with MySQL or other databases. There were some PHP/MySQL Freeway Actions many years ago, written by Paul Dunning, but they have not been updated for many years, and do not represent modern thinking in Web application design in any way. I'm sure that Paul would agree with me that using them in today's Web would be a very risky idea.

If Xway were to grow this sort of facility, it would likely start with an Action, and as you know, Actions aren't available for Xway yet (the technology isn't even there to support them). I would imagine that adding it to the core of the application would be a "much later, probably never" sort of thing.

For now, if you wanted to maintain a database backup of your form submissions, you may want to investigate a service that will do this for you. Here's one page that has a write-up of the problem, and some solutions. I haven't tried any of these personally.


On Jun 9, 2020, at 10:24 AM, wrote:

I have to admit, I have not learned Xway yet. I guess I am waiting either until there is a conversion process form Freeway, or I have to create a new website, and therefore need to apply myself sooner rather than later.

I do have a question. Is there some facility for Xway to save data to an sql base. So, for instance, currently when I have a new client registration, they fill out a form, and it arrives in an email to me. Will there be some way that that information gets saved to a database?

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