Re: Xway b2 is here!

Craig Seeman

The zipped sample documents (Ambient, Ambient Light) don’t seem to be viable for me.
The media links to jeremy’s document folder for example.
Something I’m doing wrong?


On May 19, 2020, at 10:56 AM, Jeremy Hughes <jeremy@...> wrote:

We have just released Xway b2, the latest version of our next-generation program for visual web design.

You can download it from our web site:
Xway includes a detailed reference manual, which you can access by choosing “Xway User Guide” from the Help menu. This also includes an appendix with a list of new features and cross-references to documentation in the user guide - this is a good place to start if you're upgrading from b1. If you're new to Xway, a good place to start is the introduction to the user guide, and the Xway tutorial (see below).
There is also a step-by-step tutorial and two sample documents, which are available from our web site (click on “Xway Resources” in the Help menu). We revised the tutorial for b2.
New features in Xway b2:
• Resources view
• Graphics can be pasted into Xway
• Graphics in non-web format (TIFF etc.) can be imported
• External resources
• Insert Resource dialog
• Content section of Box Inspector displays information about resources
• Resources can be replaced, detached, or located
• Modified resources are automatically updated
• Plays Inline attribute for videos
• Iframes (YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Google maps etc.)
• Inflow boxes can be moved or duplicated by dragging
• Language can be specified for pages and documents
• Meta tags
• Generic markup
• Extended page attributes can be added to html and head (as well as body)
• Default extended page attributes can be added in the Document Inspector
• Clearing or resetting the Name/ID field of a resource box will generate a default ID based on the name of the resource
• You can reset the IDs of multiple boxes by typing a space in the Name/ID field
• Fixed background images are drawn with fixed attachment
• Clicking anywhere in the title bar of an Inspector section will hide or show that section
• Pressing Command-Return switches from the Site panel and starts editing if a container box is selected
• Improved Dark Mode support
• Markup and Extended sections in the Inspector panel grow in height (as well as width) when the Inspector is widened

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