Re: Problem changing link colour

Jeremy Hughes

Hi John,

The best way to set link styles for a particular box is to go to the Default Styles section in the Box Inspector and choose “Link” (and “Visited Link” etc.) from the Element popup. This will set up styles for links that are within a box.

You can also set link styles for pages (Default Styles in the Page Inspector) and documents (Default Styles in the Document Inspector).

There’s a step-by-step guide for setting link styles in the Xway Tutorial. This is available from the Xway Resources section of our website (click on Xway Resources in Xway’s Help menu). Search for “Link Styles”

For more information on link styles, click on “Xway User Guide” in Xway’s Help menu and search for “Styling links”.

Don’t forget that there are separate colours for unvisited links and visited links.


On 14 May 2020, at 12:52, John Whittaker <> wrote:

On a particular page, within a text box, I need to change the colour of links so that they stand out more clearly against the text and the background. I have been trying this with Link Inspector -> Extended Attributes -> Text -> Text Color. This shows the required colour in the XWay WYSIWYG page but, on publishing, I am ending up with two different HTML strings.
This works perfectly:
text on page <a class="style2" href="https://address" title="Description"><span class="style2">Link text</span></a> page continues
This has no effect on the link colour, that goes to the default link colour elsewhere on the site:
text on page <a class="style2" href="https://address" title="Description">Link text</a> page continues
I am curious that exactly the same procedure in XWay has two quite different results. I have checked that it is not simply a matter of refreshing the browser. I have tried removing and replacing the link several times, publishing, previewing, saving each time. I reset the box default link style to the colour required and tried again. Looking at the page code, the quickest solution is to open up in BBEdit and add in <span class="style2"></span> around the link text, though I need to find out what I have been doing differently (and in at least 95% of attempts) to produce the HTML that is different from what I need.

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