Problem changing link colour

John Whittaker

On a particular page, within a text box, I need to change the colour of links so that they stand out more clearly against the text and the background. I have been trying this with Link Inspector -> Extended Attributes -> Text -> Text Color. This shows the required colour in the XWay WYSIWYG page but, on publishing, I am ending up with two different HTML strings.
This works perfectly:
text on page <a class="style2" href="https://address" title="Description"><span class="style2">Link text</span></a> page continues 
This has no effect on the link colour, that goes to the default link colour elsewhere on the site:
 text on page <a class="style2" href="https://address" title="Description">Link text</a> page continues
I am curious that exactly the same procedure in XWay has two quite different results. I have checked that it is not simply a matter of refreshing the browser. I have tried removing and replacing the link several times, publishing, previewing, saving each time. I reset the box default link style to the colour required and tried again. Looking at the page code, the quickest solution is to open up in BBEdit and add in <span class="style2"></span> around the link text, though I need to find out what I have been doing differently (and in at least 95% of attempts) to produce the HTML that is different from what I need. 

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