Re: Progress?

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Gavin,

We’re close to releasing Xway b2.

We’re currently tidying up a few things and updating the documentation.

There are lots of new features, including:

Resources view (Edit Resources)
Pasted graphics
Xway imports graphics that are not in web format (TIFF etc.)
External (online) resources
Iframes (YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Google maps, etc.)
Dragging inflow boxes (move/duplicate)
Meta tags
Generic page markup
Language can be specified for pages and documents
Improved background images
Improved Dark Mode support


On 30 Apr 2020, at 09:19, Mad Farquhar <> wrote:

Jeremy et al,
Hope all is well with everybody out there.
Any update on progress of Xway? Understandable that there has been little chit chat on here since the pandemic hit however I am interested to know of any timeline for further iterations of Xway.



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