Re: How to freely resize images?

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Sasha,

It looks like map area
Xway doesn’t support map areas (image maps) at present.

Technically, you could use a markup item to add your own image map.

This would involve adding something like...

<map id="map1" name="map1">
<area alt="" coords="20,20,300,200" href="">

… in a markup item, and then adding a usemap attribute to the image, with its value set to “map1” in this case. You would also need to calculate the correct coordinates, and set alt text and href as appropriate (in the area tag).

However, one of the problems with map areas is that they don’t work well with flexible images. There are workarounds that involve using JavaScript or adding links around absolutely-positioned divs (which isn’t currently possible in Xway).

The following alternative does work in Xway:

1. Insert an empty container box (div)
2. Insert the main image within this container
3. Insert a transparent single-pixel GIF within the container
4. Give the transparent GIF absolute position (set its position to Absolute in the Box Inspector)
5. Give the transparent GIF percentage offsets and dimensions (left, right, width, height) if the main image is flexible. Then position it where you want the link to be over the main image.
6. Give the transparent GIF a link.


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