Re: Blog support?

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Steve,

Does/will x-way have an easy way to make a blog page? Currently, Freeway links easily to blogspot, so thats what I have done. But in future, this is an important feature, if X-way can do it.
Also, can/will Xway support user registrations? At present, I have to use a third party to do that.
Adding to Walter’s comments:

1. Blogs

Xway doesn’t currently have support for creating Blogspot (or Wordpress) templates.

The next beta version of Xway (b2) will allow you to add iframes (without having to use markup items to do this). So you could use an iframe to display Blogspot (or Wordpress) content.

2. User registrations

If you are using a third-party Action to support user registrations in Freeway, I think you could probably do the same thing in Xway by adding markup in the form of scripts and markup items.


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