Re: Blog support?

Walter Lee Davis

Both of these features require server-side support, and Xway (and Freeway) are static site generators. They write HTML, and don't directly create the server-side code (Ruby, PHP, Python) that you would need, as well as a database structure (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) to save the variable data.

While you could use either of these applications to create a blog, it would be a hard slog of work, since unlike a true dynamic Web application built for that purpose, you would have to maintain all the next/previous links yourself, manually. Any comments would have to come from a third-party system, like Disqus.

User registration (and security to keep out the unregistered) would likewise require programming and server-side support, both of which are not a part of the core offering. You can (with a lot of hand-work) use your hosting provider's cPanel to simulate this, but you can't do what a true content-management system can do natively: serve unique content to each registered user. Instead, what you can do is to restrict access to a portion of your site, and create one or more user/password keys manually, which you then distribute to individuals, either on a unique or shared basis.


On Feb 24, 2020, at 7:41 AM, order@... wrote:

Does/will x-way have an easy way to make a blog page? Currently, Freeway links easily to blogspot, so thats what I have done. But in future, this is an important feature, if X-way can do it.
Also, can/will Xway support user registrations? At present, I have to use a third party to do that.


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