Re: How to freely resize images?

Walter Lee Davis

If you place the two images side-by-side, setting their widths to 50%, for example, wouldn’t that work?

 If you need to treat the two images as one unit for responsive purposes, you could insert an HTML object where you want the images to appear, then double-click into that object and insert the two images in it, side by side, as above. If you set them both to 50%, then they will flex to fit their container, and whatever width you apply to that outer HTML box will determine what size the combination of images can reach on your page. 

That way you could apply a link to one of them, or each of them, without needing there to be a single link for both images. 

In the bad old days, we would have used an image map to provide a link over part of an image. I don’t know if Xway can make those. Freeway can. 


On Feb 14, 2020, at 11:31 AM, Саша Грицак <sashaa7777777@...> wrote:

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Yes i know that. But the problem is that for example.

There is an image of house with door.
I want that clicking on the door would a person to another page of web site.
But clicking on something else rather then door would do nothing.

So that's why i created to separate images.
And image with door has a link to another page while image of house has nothing.

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