Re: How to freely resize images?

Jeremy Hughes

Is max 50% default image size is because to make web site Retina?
Not really, because 50% width (in CSS) is 50% of the parent’s width rather than 50% of the image’s width.

It’s more of a convenience feature - to prevent large images from being imported at ridiculously large sizes (as can happen in Freeway).

1) I found annoying when you open Xway then a blank page opens.
Better will be if the last project you were working opens.
That’s standard Mac behaviour (most applications do this) but you can use the "Close Windows when quitting app” setting in the General panel of System Preferences to change this: if this is unselected, applications should reopen any windows that were open when you quit them.

2) I understand that to port projects from Freeway to Xway will not be done because it will require anormus work and basicly to rewrire Freeway from ground up to make Freeway presents port to Xway,
but alist if you will add and option to port web site pages from Freeway to Xway with out ability to edit them in Xway. And if you want to edit some of those pages in Xway then you need to redo those particular pages in Xway.
We do plan to import Freeway documents in future. But we need to support most of the same functionality before we can do that.

Importing read-only versions of old HTML pages is an interesting idea. It might be possible to use iframes as a way of doing this - but I think that link management could be a difficult issue to deal with.

You can also use external links to link to pages that Freeway has published.

3) For me right now Xway is usless with out working upload to web site. ;) So hopefully in next beta it will be working
We also plan to add upload in future, but it won’t be in the next beta. In the meantime, it’s quite easy to upload web sites with a third-party application (Transmit, Cyberduck, etc.):

1. Choose “Show Site Folder” from the File menu
2. Use a third-party application to upload this folder, or to synchronise it with a folder that you previously uploaded.


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