Re: How to freely resize images?

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Sasha,

How to freely resize images?
When you insert an image, it doesn’t have a defined width and height and can’t be resized (this is the same as pass-through images in Freeway). If you give the image a defined width and/or height, you can resize it by dragging one of the resize handles (as in Freeway).

To set a defined width and height, type a value (e.g. “200”) into the Width and Height fields in the Box Inspector.

If you want the image to preserve its aspect ratio (original proportions) when you resize it, type a value into the Width field but leave the height undefined.

Also when i change size of page all my images resize too which i do not want.
The maximum width of images is set to 50% by default. This means that an image will not be wider than 50% of the width of its parent. If you don’t want the image to resize flexibly, you can delete this value.


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