Re: How to move images

Jeremy Hughes

Hi Sasha,

Xway uses inflow layout by default. This is because inflow layouts can be used to create flexible pages that will adapt to the display size, so that they can be viewed on phones as well as on desktop computers. If you haven't already done so, it is worth working the the Xway tutorial which is on our web site (select Xway Resources from Xway's Help menu to go there, and click on "Download the Xway tutorial").

If you want an image to have absolute position (so that it behaves like a "layer" in Freeway) you can do this by selecting the image and setting its position to Absolute in the Style section of the Box Inspector. Absolute-positioned items can be dragged anywhere on the page, and are positioned independently of other items that are on the page. But it is difficult to create a flexible layout using absolute items ("layers").


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