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Walter Lee Davis

The only part of an Xway (or Freeway) document that you need to upload to your server is the Site folder. Specifically, the contents of the Site folder should be mirrored to the folder on your server that contains your site. You don't need to upload the document.plist (which is a machine-readable list of all the details and contents of the site, but nothing that a Web server would understand or concern itself with) or the xway file (bundle) itself. Whatever is in the Site folder is the generated artifacts from the site design process that your Web server needs. Nothing more, and nothing less.

In Freeway, the process of "uploading" a site consists of Freeway doing a remote synch of the Site folder and the server's "web root folder" as configured in the Document Setup dialog. Any files that are new or newer on the Mac than the server are uploaded, any files that have been removed on the Mac side and still exist on the server side are deleted from the server. Any files that are identical are left alone and not modified in either place. In Freeway, the database file that tracks this is called _siteinfo, and exists only on the Site folder side of things. It's the rough equivalent of the document.plist

The top-level Resources folder is a place where any images you copied into your Xway document are gathered and sourced for use within Xway. This is similar to the Media folder you may recall from Freeway. I don't know what governs the process of deciding which resources to gather there. There may be some rules that say that a particular file should be referenced from its original location on your Mac, rather than being copied into the document bundle itself. The reason it exists and has any files in it at all is as a convenience for you, the designer. If the original file gets moved or deleted, you have the hidden copy to fall back on. One of my most frequently-answered Freeway questions has to do with "re-attaching" files that have gone missing because they were moved in Finder while the Freeway document that referenced them was not open. This feature strikes me as a means of heading off that problem at the pass.

In any case, this outer Resources folder is not referenced by your Web documents, those paths are all relative to the Resources folder within the Site folder. That Site folder/Resources folder is managed by Xway during the publish process, and the files within it are constantly being deleted and re-made as necessary. It's very important that you not use that folder as the source of any resources that you place on the pages of your site (think Inception, or if you want a deeper reference, Flick's "tunnel inside a tunnel problem" from A Bug's Life).

I can't answer any of the other questions, and defer to Jeremy.

Hope this helps,


On Dec 28, 2019, at 4:07 AM, Geoff Mullett <> wrote:

With no Upload option as yet, it's suggested that an FTP programme is used (I use Fetch). I can see that my single xway file contains – document.plist (no idea what that is), a Resources folder containing most of the jpegs I've used, and a Site folder. Inside the Site folder are the HTML pages and another Resources folder that contains all the jpegs I have used.
Presumably the xway file is uploaded as one 'lump'. Will the index.html page be automatically located when the site is searched? Also, is there a reason why one of the Resources folders omits two of the jpegs I've used?
And less importantly, why do some of the jpegs have red tags?

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