Re: Inserting photos


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for making clear the differences in the way Xway and Freeway handle graphics. I'm sure that as I get used to the way Xway treats graphics it will become second nature, the same as it was when I first started using Freeway all those years ago`!

I appreciate that cropping of images on the page to scale them is not what most people do but as I come from a Graphic Design/Print background it is sometimes hard to retrain your brain to work in a different way. Freeway was very similar to a print layout program and had a similar ethos and as such was easy to get up and running, especially before the responsive web came along and mixed thing up! 

When I have a bit of spare time I'll have a go at recreating the site that I design and maintain which has hundreds of images that are only served by the database to the page when needed to illustrate the product selected. It should be a good test to see what you need to do get an e-commerce site running in Xway. Wish me luck and fingers crossed!

Have a good Christmas.


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